Sunday, 14 September 2014

finishing a few things

Thanx for the comments on my last post. I decided to go with good old straight line machine quilting and have opted for a vintage-y pink binding. Hm-m-m-m finally finishing this little neglected quilt really got me thinking!

If you are like me and juggle a few WiP's, then you already know that, at some point, you do actually need to finish a few things! Babies get born, birthdays come around, there's Xmas prezzies to think of,  and other people need quilts, for whatever reason! Not so long ago I had put together a list prioritising what I needed to do. So when I've had time over this past week or so, I have slowly started working my way thru' that list. I didn't get sidetracked, and I haven't got bored!
{I guess it is a little like seeing old friends again after some months apart!!}

  • I put together my Diagonal Madness top first, mainly because I wanted my design wall back! This top has ended up miles away from my first idea, but I like it! The pretty prints combined with a few basics makes for a soft vintage-y feel. I ended up using the very last of a true vintage piece I had, the blue floral stripe on cream. And now that it's all pieced together & pressed, it's that much closer to the finish line... but still a WiP!     
  • I finished hand stitching the binding on my pastel BOM quilt. This quilt is seriously huge, and once I'd machine sewn the binding onto it, I just left it! I think the size of it simply put me off! So this past week in the evenings I've biten-the-bullet & been busy stitching down the other side of the binding, and now it's finally on the bed... just in time for summer!
  • And lastly, I machine quilted my triangles quilt, which I had left lingering for far too long! Overall most of the fabrics are darkish, so I threaded up my darkest grey, selected a longer stitch, and went for it! I quilted straight lines, using the triangles as my guide. This open quilting pattern has given the quilt a soft & cuddly finish! And I love all the colours! So I guess, this is still technically another WiP, as I'm now in the process of deciding about the binding! I'm tossing up between oval elements in eggplant or gold  I've going with the oval elements in eggplant for the binding, as it really makes the golds in the quilt "pop". I must admit, it will be hard parting with this quilt, but there you go!   
All in all a very satisfying "quilty" week  
There are a couple more things on the list needing some more of my time
- that single girl is still waiting very patiently! -  
but right now I've got another WiP I really want to get on with!

What are you all making at present?
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  1. Your Diagonal Madness looks fantastic - good on you for being good and working your way through a list :-)

  2. That orange and aqua is fabulous! Happy stitching.
    Is there a button where I can follow you?

  3. I love your pastel BOM quilt - well worth finishing. You must feel very virtuous now. I actually don't mind hand sewing down the binding.

  4. The new BOM quilt is lovely. Cool quilting too.

  5. Fabulous quilts - I find I need to finish things sometimes just to stop my head spinning with all the things I have going on!

  6. In love with your diagonal madness!

    1. Thank you! It took about 3 attempts until I was happy with the overall balance of things! sometimes it's good to just sit & look at things for a while, eh?

  7. Gorgeous quilts! think how good it will feel when they are all finished for everyone to admire!

  8. What a great list to be working through - love your projects!

  9. Way to focus and get things done. Love the diagonal madness especially.

  10. Your pastel BOM quilt is so beautiful! Spring is the prefect time to use a quilt instead of donnas.


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