Saturday, 6 September 2014

the weekend and my quilty secret

The weekend*... well, the bookcase in my sewing room collapsed this weekend! Way too much stacked in it and on it I guess! Everything just tumbled down in a right old mess! So while Mr D. fixed it out in the garage, I sorted thru' all the stuff that had fallen off it! 
A book I rediscovered was "The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking" by Jane Brocket, very pretty, very floral. And I recalled making a couple of quilts some time ago inspired from a quilt in this book! The larger quilt I gifted to a doctor at work who was having a rough week, and the other?

One of my quilty secrets is that I tend not to finish everything... you know, immediately! I juggle alot at any one time. And I like it like that, as I tend to get bored quite quickly! I found the other quilt top today in the depths of the wardrobe! I made this quilt using one large floral as my focus fabric, adding spots, solids and other blending green, blue & purple fabrics. I remember at the time I didn't have anywhere near enough fabric left to make another big quilt so I settled for a sort of lap size. This basic design is a real favourite of mine, four stripe blocks alternating in a horizontal & vertical pattern. Yep, it is quick & easy, but it also offers heaps of variety depending on your fabric choice... I've made the ice cream version from Jane's book, where the fabrics all melded together in a pretty peaches & cream effect, then a low volume version and a crayon box version with primary colours. All gifted now to new babies & their mums. Anyway, today I layered this quilt top all up, pinned it, and am now going to have another go at FMQ. Wish me luck!

 *Update... I've enjoyed just looking at this quilt, the colours remind me that spring is coming and that my heavily budded wisteria will burst out in flower very soon! But as for the FMquilting? Well, today I've been unpicking - let's just say I can see why many opt for a bit of hand quilting! At least you can put a little hand-loved quality into a simple quilt, and control the curvy quilting pattern a bit easier! Linking up with Lee for WiP Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced.

a bit more #20
Oh, and look what I also discovered in the tumbled mess on the floor from the old bookcase...
3 old booklets
with some very old patterns
  = more inspiration?


  1. That is a funny story Linda. I love how you found a quilt top lurking in the wardrobe :-)

  2. Another pretty quilt! I have just bought a couple of Jane Brockett books, but am not starting a new big quilt until I get the circles finished!

  3. I love that Jane Brocket book. She is so not afraid of colour and pattern.

  4. You inspire me to go and clear out my bookshelves, which like yours are groaning under the weight of way too many books. I love the thought of finding an unfinished quilt in the wardrobe - hope the quilting gets sorted and it gets finished.

  5. How fun! Love your story! And a pretty quilt top, too! Just quilted one almost identical for a customer...and loved hers too! Did a clearout of my quilt studio on the weekend - it really is SO satisfying when they are tidy and well-organized...

  6. I have a problem with sticking to just one project as well. Like you, I feel bored and move on to something else, therefore taking forever to finish anything!

  7. Lovely quilt!
    I was intrigue by one of Aunt Martha's old booklet (the one with the trip around the world rectangle quilt) I have been wanting to make one for a while but couldn't find much information about it...Anyway, I was able to find that same booklet on eBay...Thanks!
    I own that book as well: The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking, I like the one on the front page. Also, In that book, there is a quilt made of silk ties, I always thought it was a good idea but never had enough ties to make one.
    I often use Kaffe's spots in my quilts, I like them. :-)


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