Thursday, 25 September 2014

is a fat quarter really ever enough?

I've been asked to make a quilt thats "not too flowery, not too sweet."
In This Corner is one of Denyse Schmitd's quilt patterns. It uses her latest Hadley fabrics with coordinating solids & one cream fabric... and it looked perfect for this next project. Well you know me, I just wanted to get started, straight away!! This wasn't on my to-do-list at all, and I didn't have the pattern!
So I created my own version of her quilt... I had a few DS fat quarters and plenty of assorted creams in my stash. I worked out the block size I needed, and started cutting. I cut 9" squares, paired them up, sewed 1/4" either side of the midline, and then cut them across the diagonal. Quite a few large HST triangles, this is looking good! and then suddenly I had more creams than Hadleys!! It seems I had not worked out if the fabric I had here would go the distance of a double bed sized quilt!!

Over the past few years I have only bought fat quarters. I make alot of scrappy quilts and so a little bit really does go along way. And, I don't often use just one designer range, preferring to mix-n-match everything up! And, I also do have a bit of a fabric stash here, so "using- the- stash" has become my driving force over the past year! So when buying a little extra fabric, fat quarters it is for me! However, if you want to make quilts that are fresh & modern, some ideas do seem to need larger amounts, not only for the -ve quilting space but also for the larger scale design elements, yes?

But all is not lost  - I will order just a bit more, and will wait just a bit longer to finish this!
{Actually, I have also been really wanting to use more cream in a quilt for awhile now, as I have a lovely idea for a great quilting pattern!} 

But hey, back to those fat quarters...
... how much do others buy when getting fabric?
(I'm interested in your shopping habits!)
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  1. It depends, I am a bit more careful of what I buy now. Like you, I have a tendency to make scrappy quilts, so I think it's wiser to buy FQs. I hate to get stuck with fabrics I don't like...It's nice to have a stash, but I don't want it too big either, I find that too much-unused material gets a bit overwhelming. If it's a fabric I particularly like and repeatedly use or sometimes if it's on sale and almost to the price of a FQ, I will buy a half yard or even a yard sometimes. I don't really buy fabrics in advance for binding and backing, especially backing, I buy as needed (and often times, in the sale section).

  2. I mostly buy fat quarters as well. I do a lot of applique and that size is more than enough when you are cutting little bits off at a time. If I'm piecing, I'll sometimes buy a half yard. The only time I buy yardage is for backings, and then only if I can't find enough in my stash ( which seems to expand when I'm not looking) to piece a back. I used to buy two or three yard pieces if I really liked a fabric, but not anymore.

  3. Order some from Pink Chalk Fabrics - they have 20% off at present. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  4. I rarely buy more than half a metre unless for a specific project/pattern, more likely .3m.

  5. I'm not buying anything but neutrals and solids to go with what I already have -- tons of stuff I no longer care for but feel compelled to use. Three yards minimum if it will make a good background to pull assorted prints together into a cohesive mess. Otherwise it's FQs or 1/2 yards. I'm currently planning to something like you're doing with all my Christmas prints.

  6. I'll buy the yardage needed for a specific pattern when necessary, but if I'm just adding to the stash, I usually buy a half yard. My favorite LQS sells half yards, not FQs. I usually have plenty for scrappy projects or planned palettes. Like you, I prefer pulling a variety of prints from stash rather than using one designer's full collection.

    1. Yes, I do love a scrappy quilt!
      Here in NZ our fabrics cost anywhere between $27 - $32 NZ ($21- $25 US) per metre! So unless it was for something specific, I wouldn’t buy ½ yards regularly here. Just now the NZ$ is dropping - so no shopping- but usually if our NZ $ is high against the US $ then actually internet shopping is the way to go, not only to get the variety, but the cheaper price too! Which is very sad for our patchwork shops! (and that's a whole different discussion!)
      Thanx for popping by! L


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