Saturday, 20 September 2014

gypsy wife {the quilted edition}

here's a closeup of the back...

... and the binding

I picked up my Gypsy Wife quilt yesterday from Annette, at Wild Cotton Quilting in Laingholm. The quilting is kinda hard to see in the photos I know, however, I really wanted something quite subtle, something that wouldn't detract from all the piecing in the top... and it is just perfect!  I chose a wandering vine & leaf pattern, Annette enlarged it so that it wasn't such dense quilting, and the end result is a soft & cuddly quilt! For the binding I used oval elements in eggplant - my favourite at the moment! I think it puts a definite "full stop" frame around all that potpourri of colour quite nicely.


  1. Wow - that didn't take you too long. Looks great.

  2. She looks absolutely beautiful. I love how the quilting softens the quilt and almost blends it with itself. It lookes so snuggly. :-)

  3. It's lovely Linda - I think the choice of quite a strong colour for binding is a really good one.


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