Tuesday, 30 September 2014

the not-too-flowery quilt {a WiP}

My son asked for a quilt, but "not too flowery, not too sweet, please mum"
I got started with much enthusiasm and then quickly ran out of the main DS fabrics!
Additional fabric arrived this week.
More sorting, more slicing, more sewing.. almost done!
Looking at the pics in the lovely sunlight, I see I do still need to iron it again!
and then it's off to the quilters for a bit of 'modern squares' magic on those cream -ve spaces!
{see earlier post for more details re inspiration for this quilt top}

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I love seeing what everyone else has been up to!


  1. how lovely your son asked for a quilt, my daughter was keen to choose fabrics for her quilt at 8, but now at 15 she avoids all quiltiness!

  2. I agree with your son, not much into flowery ;) The movement in this quilt is awesome!! The colors and fabrics are wonderful!


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