Sunday, 12 July 2015

a little shopping and sewing

A little shopping...

 I succumbed and ordered a small selection of AMH Loominous 
from mad about patchwork in Canada
I think  I'm +ve they will blend nicely with lots of things! 

and the latest little bundle from Amitie stash club arrived this week
a pretty selection of 10" squares to add to my stash
Linking up here with molli for sunday stash 

and there's also been a little bit of sewing too...
Here's a few pics of my Bonnie Hunter's Leaders & Enders project
It'll take a while, but so easy and another great scrap buster idea!

I leave a pile of cut out scrappy tumbler shapes beside the sewing machine
all ready to chain piece together WHILE working on other projects
I'm sewing a light & dark tumbler together - 

- and eventually I'll end up with a pile of joined tumbler blocks.
And then it's just a case of repeat,
this time sewing the pairs together, you get the idea I'm sure!
p.s. sometimes I do make up more than one pair at a time 
he-he, I'm keen to get a few more finished to see how they all go together!
{For more explanations & more ideas also see here}

Happy sewing! 


  1. Lovely fabrics from the Amitie Stash Club.

    1. Hi Maureen, Yes, I enjoy getting these ‘pretties’ and it’s nice getting something you haven’t actually chosen yourself. Unfortunately like everything, the price is going up for the next lot! So I need to think about whether to continue or not! (I’m retired from nursing now!) Have a good week, Linda

  2. Hi Linda, just much does it cost to send fabric from Canada, as opposed to the USA? Loominous looks gorgeous, its on my wish list too.


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