Monday, 13 July 2015

values HST quilt {a WiP}

If you pop by from time to time you'll know that I love scrappy quilts and, like others, that I often have several projects on the go at any one time! There's been a few trial blocks up on the design wall for quite a while now, and I've added this to my FAL Q3 list because... I keep coming back to them... and looking at them... and wanting to do more with them!

my focus fabric - a Kaffe floral

the initial trial blocks looked very dark all together - 

- so I added in more lights 

 - hm-m-m-maybe needs just a bit more blue now methinks!

definitely still very much a WiP but I'm excited!  
-here's how far I got over the weekend

EDIT: I thought I'd post later about the details & inspiration for this quilt top but here's a few links meantime -
For a couple of interesting reads about using values, check out Rachel's post from 'Stitched in Color' here and Katie's post from 'Sew Katie Did' here. And I've found Jane Brocket's book great, it's full of colourful inspirational quilts, and she has a great talent for mixing it all up!

 Oh, and my little old Bernina is just zapping along beautifully with all these HST's! 

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pop on over for lots of ideas & inspiration - maybe grab a coffee, you may be some time!


  1. I LOVE this! Finally a great way to use some of my big Kaffe Fassett prints. This looks beautiful paired with the small prints. Almost like a "blended" quilt. Do you mind if I pin one of your pics to my Pinterest board? crediting you, of course :-)

    1. Thank you so much Jodi! Lately, it’s become a focus of mine to try & use up my pre-modern stash.
      And I especially love a scrappy quilt that mixes up fabrics that might not really go together, but it works somehow... so I’m experimenting more! Oh and yes, pin away! Cheers, Linda

  2. This looks great Linda. You are inspiring me to sew up some of my Kaffe fabric. Great choice of scrap colors. Thanks for sharing this with Oh Scrap!

  3. Beautiful colors! The focus fabric is an amazing place to start.:)

  4. The blue additions really make it sparkle Linda. Thanks for sharing your process of working out what fabrics you needed.

  5. Yes the addition of the extra blue is just right! Lovely colours in the KF floral.

  6. Oh, what a lovely blend of fabrics!

  7. Isn't it great how Kaffe fabrics never seem to go out of vogue. Though they probably won't fit the modern vibe. I hear he is coming to NZ soon, I will be hoping for a lower NI venue.

  8. LOVE your choice of colors, It's very pretty!!

  9. I love scrappy quilts too and most of my quilts have a lot of different colors in them - I have no Kaffe fabrics though, I have never gotten them in my collection of fabrics - I will need to check them out


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