Saturday, 4 July 2015

st louis 16 patch - the Kaffe version

The weekends are a different sort of busyness
... Mr D. up bright & early by choice for that game of golf, then popping up to the local cafe,
gardening, everyone turning up for the family roast
Cooking a traditional pork roast Sunday
haven't done one in years so just hope I can get that crackling spot on!

I do also have a finished quilt top to share 
here's my "all-one-collection" scrap quilt using designer Kaffe fabrics
(for details & inspiration see here and here )

*note the 'distressed' garden gate charm!

a bit more #32
and how well do you know your Kaffes?
There is one rogue fabric in here, can you see it anywhere?
Happy sewing over the school holidays!

Linking up with Cynthia here for 'oh scrap' this week (our time!)
and with Julie here at pinkdoxies


  1. Very pretty!! I love it!!
    I bet "The villain" is the green polka dot from the second block from the right, top row, it's not Kaffe's spot. :-))

    1. Ha-ha, well spotted Maryse! Yes, see pic 3# close up, the yellow spot is smaller than the regular Kaffe ones. Look forward to seeing your photo of this one too!

  2. I couldn't find it. This has turned out really well, I love his colours, so bright and clashy. I guess like my AMH and Tula faves. Have a great weekend - hope the pork works well.

  3. Yes the dot is much smaller than KF - it's looking lovely altogether, are you binding with the the zig-zag fabric on the left hand side - one of my favourites.

  4. I'm not a Kaffe follower (or any designer, actually--is that heresy?) so I didn't even try. A nice cheery top.

  5. I don't follow designers either, so I just enjoyed all the colors for the beauty that they are. That's a top that will make anyone smile!

  6. This looks great, love the soft "vintage" look.

  7. Very pretty Linda. I have yards and yards of Kaffe and should really get some of it out and sewn into quilts. This quilt is so soft and inviting! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


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