Thursday, 23 July 2015

chez granny

The Digital Quilt by Louise Saunders
{printed with permission}

We had a lovely day with Olive yesterday. The museum was first up, at her request! Lots to see of course, but of relevance here was my first look at Louise's quilt up close & personal. She is part of our Monday Modern group and it was a lovely surprise to come across some of her work at the Auckland Museum. This quilt is composed entirely of images designed on Photoshop and printed as a single piece of fabric, then quilted.

Back home here at granny's place and Olive got very busy, rescuing this little pile from the top of the waste basket...

and with a little bit of help, voila...

Olive's WiP #1

A little later on things went very quiet, and I went looking.... there was Olive in the sewing room carefully placing fabrics of her choice together, using my cutting board as her boundaries! She had a lot fun! {Hm-m- m- not sure where we are going with this, perhaps I could introduce the 'scrap vortex' idea to Olive?}

Olive's WiP #2

We also had a bit of real 'quiet time' - listening to some fun literary nonsense, Olive's treasured Roald Dahl CD collection of wonderful stories!

And me? I'm taking some timeout from playing with fabric this week class, book club, Volunteer work, gardening
and, of course, lots more nonsense playing with Olive, & baby Evie too!


  1. Sounds like a pretty good week!

  2. The digital print fabric is wonderful! I loved it when my girls were younger and played in my scrap bin. Kids are very creative about fabric. Very fun to watch.:)

  3. I would watch this young 'un, those WIP's show quite a developed colour sense. The next generation of crafters in your family? I bought my youngest a box of fabric for her 9th birthday to play with, she has never forgotten, and ranks it as the best present ever. They can never start too young can they?


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