Sunday, 19 July 2015

her small world...

My friend Glenys is embarking on her version of this sweet scrappy my small world qal
It's just her thing really, lots of little intricate piecing, perfect!

She made a great start on the low volume background, so it was all going good. 
We agreed the scrappy palette meant that she wouldn't have to buy new fabrics, 
her scraps and stash should work beautifully for the buildings and other bits & pieces.
But I think it looks like it's all just a bit overwhelming right now...
... watch this space!

*update: hey Glenys is on a roll now, here's the latest pic she sent through to me 
I suspect it's a bit addictive once you start this! 

And I found a couple of useful links here and here with more info about this QAL if you are keen too!
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  1. Mmmmm - I spotted the pattern in Quiltmania and loved it but with my "closing doors" policy I was very strong and resisted the urge! I shall do as you ask and be "watching this space".

  2. It is really fun to watch a project grow!

  3. Cute! That is an awesome pattern.

  4. I think the quilt looks like fun, but unless the pattern literally falls in my lap I'm going to be able to resist it. I think. Probably.
    (I seem to spend a lot of time chanting 'I don't need another project. I don't need another project'!)

  5. I quickly don blinders every time I see a post on this one. I would love to join in but I have to resist! But the quilt is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see more progress. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  6. This looks like fun, but I think I would never get all those seams to line up. I'll enjoy looking at everyone elses though.

  7. I just finished my version of this quilt. It truly is addictive! And, it has the added benefit of using up lots of little scraps of fabric. Keep going Glenys.

    1. Thanks for stopping by... I forwarded your email onto Glenys!

  8. It's such a great looking project. I'm enjoying see these pop up in blogland.:)


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