Sunday, 5 July 2015

just in time

I picked up my Buzz Saw quilt from the quilters this weekend. {For more details & inspiration see earlier post here} It's a slightly more modern take on an old traditional pattern from the book 'fabulously fast quilts' by Amy Smart. I found a free tutorial here for the Buzz Saw block to give you an idea of how it's constructed.

close up of the 'interlocking circles' quilting
by Annette @ Wild cotton here in Laingholm, Auckland

I added a row of 'rejected' 1/4 blocks 
across a section of the backing for added interest 

Aware that the deadline for my FAL list for this quarter was almost upon us {the closing date is tomorrow Monday 6 July}, I decided to try & finish this quilt today... this FAL is very motivating, I use to leave the binding until forever! I didn't have enough left of any one fabric to use for the binding, so I pieced together the leftover strips I did have for a lovely scrappy blue binding. I managed to get it all stitched down... just in time... so here are a few night-time pics of my #3 finish. Linking up with Adrianne for the 2015-finish-along-q2-finishes.


a bit more #33
And here's an interesting piece from the history of toys and games...

Wood Buzz Saw Toy
The sound of the whirling disk lends this folk toy its common name of “buzzer”, although it appears in English literature as early as 1686 under the general name for spinning toys, whirligig. The scalloped edge of our buzzer identifies it more particularly as a “buzz saw” toy. In past times the edge was often sharply cut into a sawtooth pattern, but a buzz saw with any shaped edge will produce an impressive loud, whizzing noise when it reaches full speed.


  1. It's a beautiful quilt and good for you to finish it in time. I love scrappy bindings, I think they add some nice interest to a quilt like this. I'm helping Adrianne with the FAL and I am to say that I am visiting as part of the 2015 FAL Cheerleading Team.

  2. A fun bit of history on the toy. I like the colors, especially the green inner border. Brave to go for a color not in the main pieces, and very effective.

  3. Beautiful!! And I really like the quilting !!!

  4. I really like the pattern and the fabrics and the quilting's great.

  5. I also made a quilt using this pattern. It was fun and went together quickly. I like the quilted circles! Nice job.


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