Wednesday, 26 July 2017

florabunda mish-mash

A few more to add to my 'florabunda' mish-mash collection 

Time to start joining these blocks with stitches instead of using picasa camera collage!

And I guess I should explain . . .
I had this idea to make up a whole lot of blocks, easily recognisable, using just my stash
and with really random fabric choices that played with the value placements in each block.
It's certainly taken my traditional background to another level

#1 sidebyside, alternating light/dark a bit, original idea
* EDIT : with AMH border maybe

However, I seem to be more indecisive than usual and, as you can see,
there's lots of options . . .

#2 onpoint & going for more of an overall merging look

#3 going mad with plaid

What's a girl to do?


  1. my two cents.........i like the plaid.

  2. One and four are my faves!

  3. Linda these blocks are real beauties, I think the plaid suite them very well indeed.

  4. I still like the original plan, but these alternatives are intriguing (and just to complicate things I love version 2!) Looks like you can have some fun playing around before you have to make a decision.

  5. I also prefer th original plan. Not keen on the plaid sashing, I think it detracts from those pretty blocks.

    1. Yes, I too am favouring #1 still. Especially with that AMH border :)
      Thanks for chipping in with your thoughts!

  6. Decisions, decisions! I like them altogether and love the AMH border. Have fun!

  7. Now seen your edit - thanks for letting me know - and it does fit beautifully with No 1.

  8. Oh that amh border is lovely! This is turning out so well. Wish I had mire bold floral fabrics!

  9. Mad with Plaid --- love it!!!!!

  10. I'm leaning more towards the AMH border, or the plaid. I think on point with the floral, you lose your beautiful stars.


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