Sunday, 1 August 2021

sweetpea: progress photos


 up on the design wall. . .

 and all joined together . . .

Quilt design by Emmamarydesigns and I used a fabric pack from queenoffabric as my starting point.
Call me old fashioned {wink wink} but nothing beats the colours & smell of pretty sweetpeas 
Finished quilt top size 42" x 56".
Linking up with Cyndy for 'oh scrap' here

Dreaming of summer,


  1. Oh, square in a square blocks ...a little bit like what I have just finished! It's such a versatile design, isn't it? I guess all of us in the Southern Hemisphere are all dreaming of Spring and sweet peas!

  2. That's a pretty design! I've always been a fan of the Pearl Bracelets line and I spy one in your sashing rows!

  3. I love seeing the square in a square blocks. So pretty!

  4. What pretty blocks, Sweet Pea is an excellent name for them.

  5. Sweet Peas are intoxicating!
    I like your photos showing different lighting on the quilt bringing out different aspects of the colors.

  6. Economy blocks are so pretty, especially with your beautiful fabric.

  7. Sweet Peas are a must have in our garden, the scent is wonderful. Good for you already having the quilt top together, are you sending out for quilting or stitching yourself?

  8. What a lovely quilt, so pretty! Happy stitching!

  9. The simple design really highlights the different florals you have chosen - it has turned out really lovely

  10. Such lovely fabrics in your Sweet Pea quilt. How lovely your blocks look all stitched together. I have to agree with you that there is nothing quite like the exquisite fragrance of a posy of sweet peas. Funnily enough, I have just planted some this very weekend.

  11. This really is super sweet! Love the soft colors to this one so much!:)


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