Wednesday 22 November 2023


I'm enjoying this.
Here's a few prints-on-prints progress pics ...

- trialing a few border ideas

- on the design floor

Sheena’s "Fantales" pattern is a super vintage-inspired improv idea. There's plenty of scope to put your own slant on things, and I am setting my large 14" fan blocks out a little differently to the pattern.  

I decided to use the yellow spot fabrics as backgrounds to give my scrappy fan blocks an automatic sense of unity. And, I'm using additional teal prints as little extra 'pops' of colour accent in my quilt. 
For my fan blades I'm alternating between warm & cool florals, with my framing borders in assorted geometrics, all fabrics from my stash. 

Nothing I love more than modern, vintage and quirky prints all mixed up together! 
Borders next, Linda


Linda said...

As usual you have put all your colour and choosing fabrics skills together to make a coherent whole. The constant use of yellow spot and pops of teal really bring this very busy design together beautifully.

Karen S said...

This is a really interesting design. Love the idea of fantails.
Lots of scope to play with fabrics.