Monday, 30 March 2015

building blocks downsized

The original Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt is a big quilt ( 84" x 96") and is made up of all solids. It's got quite a clean graphic design, and the solids do work very well. However, I wanted to put my own touch into this project and, as I'm not a big fan of the all-solid look, I began including a few AMH fabrics.

here's were I was at  

Since January, it has been a quilt that I have worked on a little here, a little there.The instructions are great, easy to follow, and I love my fabric choices, but I must admit I'm still not, how do you say, feeling-the-love for this quilt top!This week, rather than spend more time making something I'm not enjoying, I decided to stop there and try & get it all together. Lucky for me.. after I made a few more 6" blocks and did some tricky improv piecing, it all seems to fit ok! My downsized BB version now measures 75" x 72" approx. And it turns out, that while I feel the big blocks are simply way, way too big, my daughter just loves it! I'm couriering the finished top down to Linda in Taupo, aka the razzle dazzle quilter here, for some custom quilting magic!

extra 6" blocks

I was 4" too short.... flying geese border to the rescue! 

So these building blocks have gone from a WiP (work in progress) 
to WITHWIT (what in the heck was I thinking?) 
to TIH ( there is hope!)

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  1. It looks really good. I look forward to seeing it quilted. :)

  2. I've experienced that progression; glad you got through to TIH! Love the tiny blocks in there. Colors look just right for spring/summer.

  3. I've downsized mine to somewhere around 60" square too! Yours looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing the razzle dazzle quilting!

    1. Thanx! I must admit, I nearly considered doing the Victoria Findlay Wolfe thing, you know... “cut it up” ... but couldn't quite bring myself to do it! Still, the razzle dazzle input will be exciting, and my daughter is v.happy about getting a new large quilt for her b'day! L

  4. Hi Linda, I've just popped over to say hi...'Hi!' ;-D I think I'm going to like your blog, such yummy stuff, will come back for a proper look soon. Did I read you're in Auckland? Funnily enough we're up there today, going to see Let it Be tonight :D

  5. Wow - still a huge quilt even if you didn't finish them all. Always nice to know that someone will use it, even if you aren't feeling the love.

  6. The tiny blocks are adorable. Well done !

  7. I fell in love the MMBB when it was introduced at QM, but like you, I am not the biggest solids fan. I really like the pops of AMH throughout the quilt, but I might also be a little biased, since I am a big fan. Once you get it quilted, it might shift from a TIH project to a ILI (I love it) project.

  8. haha - most of my quilts go through those 3 stages!! The top is wonderful, glad you found a perfect home for it!


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