Saturday, 28 March 2015

off the wall

Been a little bit 'in between' projects lately
But today I've got the time... tick!
still got all those HST's up on design wall... tick!
and it's raining ... tick!
so I've got no more excuses... tick!

lots of chain piecing
trying to focus on the lights & darks not the pretty fabric!

joining up the HST's together into little blocks of four

then joining the blocks into rows

and joining all the rows together 

et voila! 

 I spent a lovely afternoon sewing today
I managed to get those HST's down off the wall & all together into a quilt top!
It's sort of allover the place, I know... almost but not quite random... 
I do love the simplicity of this sort of patchwork sometimes, don't you?
simple repetitive sewing, with a scrappy selection of pretty fabrics 
There's quite a few Anna Maria Horner fabrics, some Denise Schmidt, some solids, 
and some fabrics I tend to use over & over so I popped them in too! 
I had alot of fun mixing it all up!
Linking up with Cynthia for 'Oh Scrap'  here
Pop on over to see the scrappy delights others have been working on too!


  1. That was a productive afternoon.

  2. I'm not able to do this random kind of quilts. I'm so obsessed with color sorting :) but I do like chain piecing and productive afternoons :)

    1. Hi Vera, Yes, it was hard at first .. no plan just focusing on the lights & darks!
      I found if I worked quickly, not too much over thinking, and just played a little with value, it all seemed to work! Thanx for stopping by, Linda

  3. What a colorful quilt to work on during a productive afternoon. I love to see a scrappy quilt like this just waiting to be loved! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. A true utility quilt - use up what you have and end up with a colorful, fun, comfy quilt ... Win!

    1. Thanx! yes, I’m always looking for ways to use up those precious pieces! ... and it’s satisfying to create something that’s practical & playful! Thanx for stopping by, Linda

  5. Just exactly the kind of thing I'm starting today! Great to see a creative mind at work. It's interesting to hear that some people have a hard time working on pieces like this, while I struggle to do a quilt that needs to be 'just so'. I loved seeing your link on Oh, Scrap!

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  6. This is really fun! I love that there's no real pattern or plan to the layout of the HST's. It adds a bit more whimsy and charm to the design. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sometimes it is fun to plan; other times not. Nice scrappy top! Visiting from Oh Scrap!

  8. Great blocks and the finished quilt is lovely too. I assume you are pairing squares of fabric to create 2 HST blocks? If so, what size are your squares, please?


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