Thursday, 19 March 2015

chevrons, and pinwheels, and stars... oh my!

I haven't made any more actual sewing progress with this during the week. I keep playing with it all up on the design wall! I'm mainly using an assortment of light & dark fabrics, which together create a nice 'high' contrast. Then I found if I threw in an occasional medium fabric, it takes on more of a softer feel. It's a lot of fun, you can do so much with HST's, creating so many different patterns... chevrons, pinwheels, stars, hourglass, zig zags, flying geese, etc, etc. Better stop playing with all this and get onto actually sewing it together now! Linking up with Lee here for WiP Wednesday.


  1. I love playing with designs created by simple blocks. No matter which layout you end up going with, I am sure it will be a great quilt!

  2. HSTs and their many layouts are totally addictive. These look great!


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