Sunday, 22 March 2015

a weekend of bits & pieces

fabric pull for a new quilt? hm-m-m maybe not!

 a few pics from an amazing exhibition! 

home sewing for babe evie! 

incoming... new umbrella prints!

But wait, there's more ....

 from this...

... to this! 

My weekend has been full of little bits & pieces, again! 
  • My grand-daughter, Olive, had fun picking out a few fabrics for my next quilt... good taste, see the AMH there! 
  • My sister, my niece & I went & checked out 'WOW - World of Wearable Art' show at the Auckland Museum today, amazing! see here for more in-depth details 
  • Oh, and I spent some time with my daughter making "fluffies" - remember those? {the soft outer layer for night time nappies} I did suggest she just pop down to Farmers & buy a couple! The first one was too big, the second one was too small, the last one... but hey, you know how this is going to go?!? 
  • I received a lovely little package this week from a new source, Umbrella Prints, an Australian textile house specialising in organic printed fabrics. {See here for more info} Linking up with Molli here for Sunday Stash 
  • And, I had a lovely surprise from Alma who bought my AMH quilt top on Trade Me a while ago... she unpicked my sewing, sliced it up, sewed it all back together again, and sent me a pic, and I'm sure you will all agree... WOW, such a lovely use of my fabrics, upcycling I think it's called!
Hope you all had a great weekend! 


  1. The upcycling project is AAmazing! love the pictures of the undies, to funny, guess Daddy Bear and Baby Bear will have to come and play...

  2. What fun! From undies to quilts to fabric! What an amazing transformation of the AMH quilt top! Wow!

  3. Some people have fantastic imaginations to make those creations at the WOW display.
    Your old/new AMH quilt has turned out well.

  4. Incredible garments on display at WOW. Such creativity!

    Love those new fabrics. Wondering what you will be making with these pretties...


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