Wednesday, 11 March 2015

eclectic taste... who me?

Oh it was such a good idea... Mr D., my sister & I popped down to the bach for a little mini break! And we enjoyed a whole range of weather patterns! The skies opened just as we were mid-flight reshuffling furniture, moving two spare double beds downstairs, and then just when I thought we had finished, the old fridge had to come upstairs during the most heaviest downpour! We all got very saturated!
The next day we went over to the Marchwood Blues Picnic @ Omokaroa, he-he, my sister has eclectic music taste too! Anyway, the sun shone, we enjoyed a glass of vino, and the music & atmosphere was just like what I remember from years ago at a Nambassa festival summer of '77 & '78 - I know, I know, showing my age here! Just as we were loading up to leave, the rain bucketed down again!
Still, despite the weather, we did manage to get a few lovely long walks in along the beach, a couple of delish meals out, and it was just so good to get away from busy Auckland for a few days!

And once home, I had a lovely surprise. Carol-the-quilter rang to say my quilts were ready!
I've just collected my quilts today, all three are very different, all three are for very different recipients. Here's a few little peeps...

Scrappy Stacked Coins
Carol did some 'anchoring down' quilting all over...

... and I've just started a bit of kantha style quilting on the pink rectangles

Classic meets Modern BOM 
before quilting

after quilting
I had hoped some curvy quilting would add texture, and I was so not disappointed! 

Babe Evie's quilt
well, what can I say... beautiful quilting! 

So, as you can see, it's a very diverse collection, yes?
Busy this week now auditioning for bindings, some kantha style quilting,
and simply just looking at them all!

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  1. I like what Carol has done with Baby Evie's quilt. She is good!

  2. Now for the fun part doing the binding. I remember hearing about Nambasa and the old Sweetwater festivals - I was too young to go though. Glad you had a good break away.

  3. The stitching on the baby quilt is beautiful. Actually, I love them all - the colors and quilting.

    I spent the majority of my childhood in New Zealand and I remember the four seasons in one day vividly!

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by! Yes, the quilting is lovely... but it’s strange, I feel almost like the quilt (the 'classic meets modern' quilt especially) is the quilter’s quilt and not solely my own anymore! I guess there’s something to be said for DIY quilting after all! Wonder if others feel the same? Cheers, Linda

    2. I agree. I have only quilted a few by hand and by machine - but those are the ones that I have been most satisfied with.

  4. These are three very different quilts! Very nice. I have some old embroideries, so I like how you used yours, and how it was quilted. Good ieas.


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