Friday 17 April 2020

the norah quilt

My latest little obsession is the Norah quilt sewalong hosted by @sunnydaysupply. I’m going for a giant log cabin rather than the off-set centre. I chose darkish colours for my centre unit, to add a bit of drama! I decided to use a wide mix of fabrics in light-medium values and am adding in a darker {or brighter} fabric now & then to help with contrast.

It started out nice & easy. However, things got just a little tricky as the strips got longer & longer. After re-reading the instructions, {wink wink} I'm now sewing slowly, pressing as I go, and letting the machine do the work {so that the fabrics are not being stretched or pulled}, all in an effort to keep it straight & square. Not perfect but sew far, sew good.

As it grew, I started to relax and have a little play. Once in a while, I popped in a fabric from my centre unit to carry that out into the quilt. And as the sides got longer, and I needed to join my strips, I used a different but similar fabric occasionally. I'm also altering my strip widths from 2"- 31/2" as I progress. Oh, and I'm keeping all my cut off strips to join up together for a scrappy binding later on.

Simple sewing and no maths to worry about, 
I think I'll keep going tomorrow for another few more rounds.

Until next time, Linda


Susan said...

Ah, you’ve caught the Nora bug! I’d love to make one of these but I’m sure my stash won’t stretch to have enough time strips, although joining could be an option, as you’ve done very successfully!

Kleine Vingers said...

I like your fabrics, they are so cheerful and bright

Julierose said...

Yes, those longer outer strips can be problematical for me on my courthouse project. You have a great selection of light lights there--very pretty with those dark centers...I keep altering my idea of "dark" and "light" to fit my stash contents ~ ~ ~ waving with cold hands (brrr) Julierose

Quiltdivajulie said...

Thank you for sharing the Norah quilt idea today - I had pulled fabrics for a Wintersweet plan but just wasn't as excited about it as I'd hoped. Perhaps those scrappy florals and lights were meant for the norah approach all along. We shall see! (your version is LOVELY!)

Quilting Babcia said...

Oh, this looks like such fun and a great way to use up strips and scrappy pieces!

LA Paylor said...

so pretty, so fresh. Just the kind of scrap quilt I love

Janie said...

Your Nora quilt with the log cabin blocks is going to be gorgeous.
I like your darkish centers, good idea.
And I was looking through your previous post and admiring your quilts there.
You have a great design sense!

Mystic Quilter said...

I like the idea of joining two fabrics together to give you the necessary length of a strip. Just like Janie I think going with a darker centre was a good move, it's looking beautifully fresh, I'll head now to more recent post!

Karen S said...

These fabrics work well in the log cabin. Looking good.